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How to Reduce Your Inventory Risk?

How to Reduce Your Inventory Risk?


Have you ever faced a mountain of goods in your storage? It’s time to think about it: how to choose right goods and reduce your inventory risk?

Maybe it partly depends on the demand of customers. And on the other hand, as a seller, you do can control it by considering about prices, costs and quality of your goods etc. Now there is a right lighting fixture for you, if you happen to want to run lighting business.

OKT Split Downlight, the third generation of commercial downlight , has received customers’ high praise since its launch. What advantages does it have?

Low Freight Costs: The innovative separable design of engine and trim provides benefits to you. The light can be disassembled into separate parts and be packed individually, so you can save freight charges by rational use of the transport space.

Low Storage Risk: One engine can be compatible with different trims (4”, 6” and 8”), which is flexible for its sales and reduce your inventory risk. Moreover, you don’t have to store the whole light for after-sales services. Considering that the most easy damaged part is engine, you just need to prepare a certain number of engines for maintenance, and you can save storage space and reduce your tied-up capital.

Competitive features: This LED commercial downlight has a pleasant appearance and can decorate commercial places well. It is also a low-energy cost light and rebate light. This LED downlight, certified by ES, is very suitable for a wide range of use in commercial places because of its low input power 9W~ 20W. 

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