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How To Replace The Fluorescent Fixtures to LED In The Economical Way?

How To Replace The Fluorescent Fixtures to LED In The Economical Way?


What lighting fixtures exist in your space, are they fluorescent lights? You might have many nice memories with them. However, when they become old and energy-inefficient, you have to consider about changing them with new LED lighting fixtures. How to change your existing lighting fixtures quickly and easily in a relative low budget? Well, there is a retrofit fixture can meet all your requirements of quality, performance,appearance and costs.

retrofit fixture repacement fluorescent lights

Central Basket Retrofit Kit is an easy solution for your old lighting fixtures, which is also one of our best-selling products. What advantages does it have?
Reduce Job Site Waste: The biggest advantage of this kind of LED lighting fixtures is reducing your costs! Reuse the exiting housing and no need to disassemble or remove the fluorescent pan or ceiling ! So you can greatly reduce waste of materials and save your time and labor costs.

indirect ceiling retrofit fixture  

Easy-to-UseOnly three main steps to install with simple tools! First, remove the existing door frame and lamps; second, fix the 2 mounting brackets on the 2 sides; third, fix the Retrofit Troffer onto the mounting brackets by its hinges and close the LED Troffer Lighting.
Install Retrofit Troffer

High Performance:
 LED Troffer Fixture Retrofit Kits provide soft and glare-free light with high efficiency up to 125 lm/W and 105 degrees beam angle in 100~277V or 120~347V input voltage.  There are 2’×2’ Led Troffer Retrofit Kit(35W )  and  2’×4’ Led Troffer Retrofit Kit  (48W ) options.

Reliable Quality:Long-lasting quality is backed by DLC 4.2 premium qualified and UL Classified certified, as well as 5 years warranty from OKT manufacturer. 
Artistic Appearance: This Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit also has attractive appearance. The lively style makes a refreshing atmosphere and changes the common room into a vivid.

Recessed Troffer Retrofit Kit

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