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IES LED Lighting in North America Released Three New Testing Standards

IES LED Lighting in North America Released Three New Testing Standards


IES Illuminating Engineering Society of North America recently released solve parking lot lighting, other external lighting, as well as three new standard test documents indoor fluorescent product.

Three new standards in lighting for the center, are named "Lightingfor exterior environments external ambient lighting" (RP-33-14), " Lighting for parkingfacilities parking facilities" (RP-20-14), and " Approved method forphotometric testing of indoor fluorescent luminaires Interior fluorescent lighting photometric test method recognized "(LM-41-14).


Two of the recommendations of the (Recommended Practices) RP standard is mainly applicable to solid-state lighting (SSL), also confirms the LED light source has been from the dominance of the fact that in this type of application. Another standard test method is, as its name implies, is specific to fluorescent lighting.


RP standard was published, lighting design is based on the experience to guide the Commission's IES professionals and covers a wide range of different applications. For example, we recently held a webcast covering the new road lighting standard RP-8 key changes and additions. The LM standard defined test and calculation methods, described the role of the performance component or lighting system manufacturers in order to ensure a level playing field. For example, LM-80 for LED performance package. Similarly, LM-79 is used in lamps and fixtures feature.


Lighting recommendation parking facilities RP-20-14 focused on fixed and intended to guide the newly installed lighting. In the IES it is not recommended to apply it to an existing installation, unless the existing lighting system needs to be updated LED lighting technology. This standard covers outdoor and a covered garage. These guidelines make to optimize safety for pedestrians and vehicles.


External ambient lighting recommendation RP-33-14 and focus on the sky glow, light incursions of external lighting devices. It provides a model for the use of guidance Model Lighting Ordinance lighting regulations. Specifically, this document will help lighting designers / description who determine the appropriate size appropriate lighting region-specific applications.


House testing standards defined test procedures to ensure "adequate, unified approach to determine and report the performance of indoor fluorescent lamps with light." Like the previous file as LM, LM-41 test the product in detail the thermal environment and lighting control solutions. Target is accurate and consistent photometric data, to ensure that regardless of product from any vendor, we have been a fair comparison.