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OKT Indirect Troffer Is Coming Into Being

OKT Indirect Troffer Is Coming Into Being


OKT LIGHTING launched a TRANSPARENT indirect recessed troffer with a branded design in transparent light guide, the light is more softer and architectural. It is an ideal choice for offices, schools, hospitals and retail merchandising areas applications.

Transparent Design
Through a laser etched, transparent acrylic light guide, the light in TROFFER is emitted in a TRI-LENS look, with energy savings and modern aesthetics.
Lighting designers are particularly interested in the unique transparent and indirect desgin. The transparent light guide eliminates plain ceiling, narrow space concerns and allows for a perfect fit in ceiling to complement specific architectural design ambitions of options.

What is the differences?
One of the most unique features of indirect recessed troffer is the housing and light guide is visually separated with a non-folding housing design While the standard troffer in the market are all with fold-shape housing and in-transparent light guide.

Indirect recessed troffer is distinguished from the transparent diffuser and the micro-prismatic panel diffuser of the 1st generation. Indirect design makes there is no more led chips shielded with a micro-prismatic /milky plate diffuser. It has simplified the triditional troffer with tri-lens louver appearance; So the key difference between our design and others: the troffer makes your ceiling more skyler when a darker aesthetic is desired.