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Internet Crime,Keep More Carefulness, Keep Your Money

Internet Crime,Keep More Carefulness, Keep Your Money


There is a really terrible story happened to our company: One of customers from USA placed an order to us and paid 30% of deposit. When the goods are ready to ship and customers were going to make balance payment, Unfortunately a criminal group from China Intercepted E-mail system on both sides maybe then pretended to be our company to contact with this customer and require customer to pay to other new bank account. Unfortunately, the customer has done and money has gone. We cannot stop it cause the criminal group stopped all emails communication between customer and us.

This is a very horrible lesson We should draw from, cause internet crime come to us everyday and maybe you' ll meet with sometime unless you’re careful. So we OKT Lighting would like to ask our respectful clients to pay your high attention, when you trade with any Chinese manufacturers recently:

1. Please regard it as a dangerous sign when the email address of the contact window of your supplier is changed to new one even they’re very similar, pls call to confirm when happen, specially at the moment you’re talking about payment.

2. Please regard it as a dangerous sign when your contact window requires you to change payment  account on the middle time of deal. Pls call to confirm and ask your supplier to present the company stamped paper to claim the account’s validness. Otherwise, your money maybe go to the cheater’s bank account easily!

3. You’d better send the bank slip for supplier’s checking once making the payment. And ask your contact to confirm if he/she receive the payment or not. Usually, Money is received within 3 working days from the date of your payment.
We OKT Lighting believe most of Chinese Manufacturers are dealing very sincerely and honestly with many customers like you, but unfortunately there’re some criminal groups in China are stealing  money from internet during our lawful deal and seriously break the friendly trade relationship between Chinese Manufacturers and other countries. Keep more carefulness, Keep your money.