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Is LED Eye Protection Desk Lamp Really Useful?

Is LED Eye Protection Desk Lamp Really Useful?


With new semester coming, in addition to parents’ purchase of tutorial materials, all kinds of stationery are also required, such as desk lamp, In recent years, the most famous name is “eye protection lamp”. Under the propaganda of “No hurt to eyes and prevent myopia”, many parents can hardly resist, and even become the talks between parents “muting each other”.

The newest market information shows, there are several new items of “ Eye Protection Lamp” with kinds of affiliated functions, such as camera, infrared ray, Anion, WIFI, electronic calendar, calculator and so on, of course, the price ranges from tens of Yuan to a few thousand Yuan.
It’s not a short time of “Eye protection lamp” entering into market, there have been no relevant national standards and regulations, and the market is actually a bit disorder.

Searching “Eye Protection Lamp” on electronic business platform, nine of ten sellers would introduce their own products with functions by using terminologies ”No flicker, filter Blu-ray, wide color temperature”, Whether these functions can achieve the effect of reducing eye damage, how different is the difference compared with ordinary lamps, is it a "pseudo concept"?  OKT Lighting, which is the manufacturer of commercial led lighting, such as led linear light, decided to investigate again for the children and parents.

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Concept One: No flicker means lamp won’t flash eyes?
OKT Lighting found out it is true that “flashing eyes to blind” by the lights among folks. The lights that keep blinking hurt the eyes very much. The “flash” in them means “Flicker”.
The strobe points are high and low, and the lights in Hong Kong's ghost films are flickering and the frequency of flashing lights is very slow. This is the phenomenon of low frequency flash. Low-frequency flashing lights interfere with people's visual images, causing the eyes to become fatigued and strained, giving people psychologically invisible pressure. As a result, “high-frequency flashing lights” that increase the frequency of flashing flashes of light have emerged, and human eyes won’t feel the speed of flashing lights which improved comfort.

However, the claim that high-frequency flash energy can make people's eyes comfortable and achieve eye-protective effects is based only on theory and has not yet been verified by large-scale human experiments.

In general, improving the stroboscopic flash is one of the ways to improve the desk lamp. However, studying under high-frequency flashing lights for a long time will also cause fatigue. It’s nothing to do with eye protection

On the market, businesses cleverly renamed high-frequency flash as “no flash as knows as lamp won’t flash. No flicker is one of the selling points of the eye-protection lamp. The one difference between the two words raises the function of the desk lamp. However, electricity consumption based on the family in our country is alternating current, and the strobe will not disappear.

On the store, the desk lamp salesman recommends that you use a mobile phone camera to detect the strobe of a desk lamp, that is, turn on the camera of the mobile phone and point it at the bulb. If there are fluctuating stripes on the screen of the mobile phone, there is a strobe issue. If there is no stripes, there is no existence of strobe.

For that, OKT engineer say, qualified LED lights that passed EMD design requirements won’t be seen fluctuating stripes on camera of mobile phone. With the different camera elements of the mobile phone itself, the sensitivity of the captured light is not the same, which can only be said to use mobile phone camera detection method to fluctuating stripes flash is certainly not a good light, but it does not necessarily belong to high frequency flash. 

Detecting the strobe of the lamp with the camera of the mobile phone,
the stripe flashes, strobe problem dose exist, but this method is not rigorous

In fact, the eye-protection lamp is a Pseudo Concept, as early as a dozen years ago, there has been media disclosure, there is no strict definition of the eye protection lamp standards in China, there is no medical certificate approves lamp with function of eye protection. The eye protection lamp is just a gimmick name for the sake of sales. It is no difference from ordinary desk lamps.

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Since 2008, OKT Lighting have been dedicated to design and manufacture the most innovative and easy-to-use commercial led lighting fixtures which is adopted the Bi-polar Non-flickering driver in products to reduce strobe fundamentally and keep the UGR lower than 19 that can make people feel comfortable under the lights, whether you are reading or playing. For more, pls visit our web:www.oktlighting.com