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Israel plans to use LED Lighting products to coverage public lighting

Israel plans to use LED Lighting products to coverage public lighting


Maalot Tarshiha, located in Israel, launched the city public lighting renovation project "Going to the Light" in September 9. The city will use LED Lighting products, such as LED downlight, LED Panel Light, to cover public Lighting overall.

According to the plan, Maalot-Tarshiba will install 13000 LED lamps,  such as LED downlight kit, LED flat panel light, in public places and streets in the city. All of former LED Lamps will be replaced in the end of the year. The total investment of this LED lighting project is about 12 million shekels, including 5 million shekels of municipal subsidies. The project costs are coming from the environmental protection bureau mfert.

It is estimated according to the city's municipal release that after the renovation project completed, the city with only just 20000 population will save more than 80% of the power supply for public lighting costs. The total costs are about 3.5 million shekels and will reach at least 25 million shekels in the next decade.

The government said that this project will achieve cost recovery within three years from it starts. The city vice mayor Silas, Liberia called that the fund which saved by LED lighting will be used for energy efficiency, infrastructure and water conservancy projects.