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Emergency LED Battery Pack for LED Product With Internal Driver
Emergency LED Battery Pack for LED Product With Internal Driver
Model No
EH-18170-XXX, EH-25170-XXX

UL Component Recognized

Emergency Time>90 Minutes

Adopt long life  recyclable Ni-cad battery

Including test switch and charge indicator accessory kits

5 years limited warranty


Data Sheet  EH-18170-XXU, EH-25170-XXU


Data Sheet

EH Series

Installation  EH-18170-XXU, EH-25170-XXU


Installation Instruction

EH Series

Brochures  EH-18170-XXU, EH-25170-XXU



EH Series



Installation Video

OKT Lighting - UL LED Emergency Backup for Variety of LED Fixtures

The OKT Emergency LED Battery Pack allow the LED fixtures to meet code requirements for emergency illumination. When normal power fails, the LED emergency battery packs which work in conjunction with the AC LED driver, immediately switch into emergency mode, operating the LEDs for a code-compliant 90 minutes. When AC power is restored, the drivers automatically return to the charging mode including a battery,charger and converter circuit in a single can. Products range to cover a variety of LED fixtures,ideal for OKT led retrofit downlight and led tube applications

Performance Summary

Model Number

Output Power18 Watts (Max)18 Watts (Max)
25 Watts (Max)
25 Watts (Max)
Input Power6 Watts (Max)6 Watts (Max)
6 Watts (Max)
6 Watts (Max)
Input Voltage

100-277V AC,


120-250V AC, 


100-277V AC, 


120-250V AC, 


Output Voltage170V DC170V DC
170V DC
170V DC
Emergency Time90 Minutes90 Minutes
90 Minutes
90 Minutes
Warranty5 Years5 Years
5 Years
5 Years
UL Component RecognizedE469355E469355

This item have been upgraded to the second generation( UL listed with field installable) , pls click here for more information.


UL component recognized
90 Minutes operation for battery backup
Applicable to led lamps with internal driver
Adopt long life recyclable Ni-Cad battery
Including test switch and charge indicator accessory kit
5 years limited warranty   battery backup high volt

T-Grid Box Hanger(Optional accessories)

Need T-Grid Box Hanger For Emergency Backup Please click:  
T-Grid Box Hanger


Q1: Can back up use for all LED products?
A1: Yes, it can be used for almost all LED products.

Q2: How long  can the back up work?
A2: The back up can supply power 90 mins at least.

Q3: How can the back up connect to LED products?
A3: As for installation, pls check installation guides.

Q4: What led lights can work with your emergency backup?
A4: OKT emergency backup can work with both internal driver and external driver led lights.

Q5: Do we need open a new UL file No. for the co listing of the Emergency backup? 
A5: Yes, if you do not do co listing of EM backup before, you need set up a new UL file No..

Q6: What do you mean by ‘high voltage EM backup’ and ‘low voltage EM backup’?
A6: High voltage EM backup means the EM backup is for LED Lighting with internal driver; Low voltage EM backup means the EM backup is for LED Lighting with external driver.

Q7: Can your emergency backup work with led tubes?
A7: Yes, our emergency backup can work with most led lights. For led tubes you should choose our high voltage ones.

Q8: Does your EH-25170-xxx emergency driver power up led panels and troffers 63W?
A8: Yes, this 25W model could power up our 63W led panel and troffer, and maintain about 40% lumens. For real situation requirement, the emergency backup just need remain 20% of original lumens. It's for emergency case, no need remain 100% lumen. Actually, based on maintain 20% Lumen Standard, 25W Emergency Backup could match at most 125W LED lamps. By the Way, Philip Bodine Emergency Backup has at most 23W option. OKT have 8W/12W/25W option.

Q9: Is your emergency LED driver is FTBR or FTBR2 UL approved?
A9: It is FTBR2.

Q10: Can you install your emergency battery backup on your led panel lights?
A10: Yes, we can install the backup well when we deliver to our customer.

Q11: Is it possible to print our company logo on your emergency battery backup? If so, how can i proceed?
A11: When the order quantity is above 500pcs, customer can consider the UL multiple list, then we can print customer’s company logo on the products.

Q12: Is it dangerous of your emergency battery backup during the transportation? 
A12: Our emergency battery backup is very safe during the transportation.

Q13: Is it complicated to install the emergency battery backup with led panel lights?
A13: The installation should be performed by the qualifed electrician, what’s more, customers can watch the video on Youtube.

Q14: Is your emergency backup is UL recognized or listed?
A14: It is recognized.

Q15: Is Emergency Backup could work with your ballast compatible downlight?
A15: Yes,they could.

Donnie Aliff
Hello, I am trying to find a product to provide emergency battery back up power for 277 volt 2x4 4 lamp troffer fixtures that we have converted to LED, the fixture has 4- 15 Watt LED lamps. Please send information and pricing to provide emergency back up power for the lights/lamps I have described. Thank you in advance.
2017-01-31 22:11:02
David Smith
What are the dimensions of the 18W Battery Backup? Do they have a water resistant certification?
2016-10-13 06:42:38
Scott Salkovitz
I would like pricing and info for these battery backup units that would work with a flat panel. Thank you.
2016-07-06 00:48:58
They work well with our tubes.
2015-09-22 11:36:03
OKT Lighting
2015-09-22 11:41:07
Looks great, i have test the samples you have sent to me weeks ago, it works perfectly, I love it!
2015-08-24 15:35:26
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