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It's Not A Must-Have, But You Need It

It's Not A Must-Have, But You Need It

In case of fire and other emergency situations in the building, the illuminance of the working place still needs to maintain the normal illumination value. Therefore, the emergency driver must be installed for security.Here comes the OKT LED emergency backup & driver. OKT Lighting,The first Chinese manufacturer to engineer LED emergency driver with UL component recognized for United Stated and Canada. OKT Lighting designs and manufactures award-winning, innovative emergency and special lighting products.The LED emergency backup driver series bring a dependable emergency lighting application.It is easy to be installed within the LED fixture without the need to add more other emergency fixtures and provides emergency lighting in the event of a power failure.And it includes test switch and charge indicator accessories,and a long-life recyclable Ni-Cad battery.All the OKT emergency drivers are with 5-year warranty.

The OKT emergency driver can be divided into two series.One for LED lights with external driver is low output power and another for LED driver with internal driver is high output power. OKT emergency backup gets 8W,12W,18W,25W and applicable to most LED fixtures.Both can provide more than 90 minutes emergency time which can give us more time.When normal power fails,the emergency drivers which work in conjunction with the AC LED driver immediately switch into emergency mode.

Emergency backup should be prepared in advance.After all,you never know.Come to join us and make the security job well done! let’s talk at lightfair at Philadelphia,PA USA on May 9-11th,2017.Waiting for you at LFI booth# 5121.