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LED Light Fixture Chip, Package and Its Application

LED Light Fixture Chip, Package and Its Application


From the perspective of the development of led light fixture technology, you can start from the first three aspects: the chip, package, application-level technology.

Chip: With the improvement of LED luminous efficiency, LED chips get smaller hand now, a certain number of chips on the wafer size can be cut more and more, thereby reducing the cost of a single chip; on the other hand, single-chip power bigger and bigger, as it is 3W, the future will be to 5W, 10W development, which has a power requirement for lighting applications can reduce the number of chips to use, reduce the cost of the application system, and there are already a number of companies to develop this talent shine.

In addition, LED chip technology development has been in pursuit of high luminous efficiency as a driving force, and flip to obtain efficient technology is one of the main power downlight led chip technology, laser sapphire substrate, the substrate material and accompanying vertical structure stripped technology (LLO) and new bonding technology will continue to dominate in a long time.

Package: Chip scale package, LED filament package, high color rendering index and wide color gamut will be the future development trend of the packaging process. Transparent conductive film, surface roughening techniques, DBR reflector technology to enhance light efficiency LED lamp technology is still being installed packages mainstream; flip structure while COB / COF packaging manufacturers technology is the focus, integrated package Optical Engine will become the focus of research in the past in 2014, look at the major lighting show also COB packaging technology is everywhere, is not and can not touch. At the same time, the power will become mainstream packages currently on the market are mostly high-power led flat panel light products or small power LED products, although they have their own advantages, but also has not overcome the defects, and combines the advantages of both the power LED products have emerged.