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OKT Lighting - LED Lighting Trends in California

OKT Lighting - LED Lighting Trends in California


Known to all, California is the largest state among the United States both in finance and technology. In LED Lighting business, it has been leading this industry by setting up new standards from time to time.

Title 24 is the new energy compliance I heard in 2013, when I firstly noticed E26 should not be allowed to use and residential LED lightings ought to be 90 CRI above. And then more and more customers in California are asking for higher CRI products in last two years. Now some other part of the United States are following this code. Some reason is because distributors don’t want to stock two categories of the same product in CRI 80 and CRI 90. In 2015, we - OKT Lighting have been receiving from our customers from California that Title 24 are expanding their requirements to other aspects. Some said it is a request to install a sensor with the lights, so they can be dimmed down or up according to foot candle on the desk and presence of human. Also some commended that higher lumen efficiency and dimming are also new codes for T8 LED tubes for new construction. 

There is no complete and full Title 24 codes yet, specialists are adding or modifying terms step by step. But I am sure the new compliance will push people to make and use more intelligent LED lightings as well as more efficiency ones.