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LED Lights by OKT Lighting

LED Lights by OKT Lighting


As people worldwide become more conscious of the cost of energy and lighting, the need for an alternative to traditional incandescent and florescent lighting grows greater. The LED or light-emitting diode has been growing in popularity through the course of the past several years. These lights burn more cleanly, coolly and efficiently to provide maximum lighting with minimum damage to the environment and to the pocketbook of whoever pays the utility bill.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting accounts for 22 percent of the energy usage in the United States. Individuals who have switched to LED lighting in their homes have seen up to a 30 percent decrease in their home utility bills. Businesses have also seen considerable decreases. The actual numbers vary greatly depending on the type of business and how much lighting is used.

So why should anyone use LED lighting? Our question is, “Why shouldn’t they?” LED units run cool, emitting no heat. Their energy efficiency is approximately 88 percent, radically reducing the amount of wasted electricity. Additionally, LEDs have no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials in them, which makes clean-up after the inevitable broken light bulb easy and safe.

At OKT Lighting, we take seriously the quality of our LED luminaries as well as our dedication to our customers. Our lights, which are assembled in China, are thoroughly tested to insure quality and performance. Our customers can be confident that an OKT Lighting purchase today will translate into energy savings for years to come.