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LED Linear High Bay Light for Industrial Application

LED Linear High Bay Light for Industrial Application


OKT Lighting offer LED linear high bay light ! 2-foot fixtures are available in 90W 135W 178W versions that high efficiency up up to 131 lumens per watt, emit up to 23,000 lumens.

LED linear high bay light

These Dimmable linear high bay led lighting are designed for a variety of applications that require high light output, such as warehouse lighting, factory lighting, parking garage lighting, tunnel lighting, gym lighting, and supermarket lighting.

They are durably constructed with white aluminum housings and frosted diffusers. Each high bay fixtures can be surface, pendant and suspending mount installations to meet your needs.

OKT Lighting is the original design manufacturer(ODM)of LED commercial lighting fixture. Successful developed more than 50 models in the past five years, inculding led flat panel light, led downlight, led troffer, led emergency driver, linear pendant lighting...