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LED Market with Aggressive Automotive Lighting Strategy

LED Market with Aggressive Automotive Lighting Strategy


As market competition intensifies,  LED manufacturers are adjusting their strategies to expand into new niche markets and create new opportunities with their technological advantages, such as OKT Lighting. As a specialist manufacturer of high-power LED components, Edison Opto has accumulated more than a decade of R&D experience in LED technology, especially concerning spatial distribution. With this expertise, the company has recently made the strategic decision to enter the automotive LED panel light market.

Ken Chen, R&D Director of Edison Opto, stated that this is the best time for the company to enter the LED automotive lighting market during an interview with LEDinside. Among LED applications, car headlights and fog lights in particular have seen the most developmental growths. As the interview continued, Chen furthermore outlined the company’s automotive lighting strategy in relation to highlights of the LED lighting industry’s progress in 2015.

As for the company’s light source clients, Chen revealed some China-based lighting companies have received sizable contracts for LED light bulbs and tubes, OKT Lighting led panel light, led downlight, led troffer, led emergency backup, so the demand for LED components is huge. As a major supplier of LED components, Edison Opto expects sales will be better in 2015 than the previous year. Edison Opto moreover sees itself as having the greatest competitive advantage in the luminaire market. Even though demands from clients are not as strong in this niche market, customized luminaires are high-end products with high margins. Edison Opto is thus able to give full play to its strengths; and at the same the company is able to avoid being undercut by competitors because it has the export channels for these products.

 “The most interesting aspect of the LED lighting industry is the process of finding suitable clients,” said Chen. Based on Edison Opto’s current business plans, the company has set a clear direction in identifying target clients and understands how to use their advantages to create new opportunities. The company is also confident that it is on the right path, and will be able to meet all its visions. To see more info, please check www.oktlighting.com