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LED Up-down Liner Panel

LED Up-down Liner Panel


It have been eight months since the first samples of led up-down liner panel, we will formally launched in Sep. In fact, there are already some potential order on it. This light is mainly for the use of the high end office, it offer more beautiful visual. We installed one sample room for displaying.

1x4ft LED up-down liner panel

First: It with size 1x4ft, 54W, led on two sides, around 5000lm. Power built inside, looks more beautiful. White frame

Second: It with a transparent lens, just like a glass when the power is off, it looks like a work a art. Also it will partly shows the ceiling during lighting.

Third: it can be connected one by one, and there will be no bare wires. More beautiful. 

Fourth: with unique design on the lighting guide panel, around 55% down, 45% up. Then you will not feel dark in this room, the ceiling with few lights too.

Let’s together to see what the marketing feedback, also welcome to offer good suggestion on it. Please feel free to contact OKT Lighting if any inquiry.