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LEDs in Lighting track to focus on transforming the lighting market

LEDs in Lighting track to focus on transforming the lighting market


The future with LEDs

This session will feature speakers who will discuss their visions of the future of LED lighting, including the opportunities as well as the challenges. Leading off the session will be Mark McClear, Global Director for Applications Engineering at Cree LED Components. His presentation will address “The Next Big Thing” in LED lighting, including new innovations that are on the horizon in the context of what is achievable and affordable, when and why.

Nadarajah Narendran, Director of Research at the LRC, will give a presentation on overcoming the technical and human factors challenges of SSL. He will discuss the recent research findings of the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST) in areas such as light-source flicker, compatibility of LED replacement lamps with residential dimmers, and driver lifetime projections, and the performance of SSL in various applications.

Amy Olay, Senior Engineer with the San Jose Department of Transportation, will discuss the Californian city’s program of “smart” street-light systems. Her presentation will review the strategies pursued, the lessons learned, and the city’s next steps.

Concluding the session and the LEDs in Lighting track will be Sam Klepper, CMO and Executive VP, Redwood Systems, with a presentation entitled “Introducing the Digital Age of Lighting.” Klepper will define what it means to be “digital” and “internet scale” in the context of commercial lighting systems, and will explore the larger impact of this digital shift in lighting on energy-efficient building-management systems.