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Linkable Double Sided Emitting Up Down Linear Panel Light

Linkable Double Sided Emitting Up Down Linear Panel Light


OKT two side-emitting up down linear panel as a hot sell product in North American and Europe Market, This post will especially describe its features and benefits.

1. Transparent Optics
The unique design is nearly transparent luminaire when off and no direct or indirect view of the light source with transparent optics when on.

Transparent linear light

2. 45 Uplight, 55% Downlight

This suspended up/down led panel light is a commercial suspended lighting fixture, reaching 55% down and 45% upward light distribution, making the illusion of the light floating in mid-air.

Double Sided Emitting Up Down Linear Panel Light

3. Quick Installation
To minimize installation time, only one AC linear power to 9pcs 4ft lamps in 120V AC input and 18pcs in 230V AC input.

Linkable linear light

4. Seamless Continuous Runs
No electrical connections at fixture joints, creating virtually linkable that are simple to install and speed construction.

linkable led pendant panel light

5. Driver Can Be Replaced, Easy To Maintain
All driver are built-in and can be replaced easily, which is more convenient to fix and maintain.

6. Pleasing Lighting, UGR<19

7. Saving Your Dimmer Cost
It is available in 0-10V dimming or step dimming options to suitable for your different needs.

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