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Malaysia's LED Lighting products sales will reach 200 million

Malaysia's LED Lighting products sales will reach 200 million


According to cooperate with key industry, Malaysia LED Lighting consortium members will achieve 100 million ringgit's sales.

On September 25, The LED consortium which was made up of 10 high potential LED/SSL companies in Malaysia signed a memorandum of understanding with the three industry enterprises, including Malaysia's limited resource group co., LTD., Mydin Mohamed  holding co., LTD and johor company. The three companies will promote to use LED/SSL lighting. This measure is consistent with the Malaysia's government which promote using LED/SSL lighting as low cost and energy lighting solution. The government had issued instructions it will phase out all of the incandescent lamp and the methods of traditional lighting from the building and real estate projects.

Malaysia international trade and industry minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed also participated the activity in the 25th. And said while the consortium members have been fully prepared to share LED area's prefessional experience with other industry enterprises, the small and medium-sized enterprise groups in Malaysia will cooperate with all kinds of institutions under his department to provide support on the capital, to realize the domestic and global competitiveness.

"As we march toward the process of developed economies, energy saving and environment protection technology are vital to economy and environment. Therefore, Discovering not only can promote the future domestic demand, but also can achieve success in the wave of the high potential for industry's global growth. This is very important to Malaysian manufacturers." Mohamed said.

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