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Modern Look Central Basket LED Troffers

Modern Look Central Basket LED Troffers


What is troffer?

LED troffer is an easy fluorescent replacement, reducing energy usage and save up to 80% on your electricity bill, spending less time changing your fixtures with a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours. These modern architectural troffers feature a “center basket” design. Transparent optics, controlled up light and down light distributions, the concave shape provides a modern look and smoothly distributes light both horizontally and vertically, it ensures a more even light output and fewer shadows, making interiors feel larger and more open.

2x2 led troffer fixture

What is OKT troffer?

OKT LED troffers are delivering high Lumen of exceptional 80+ CRI light while achieving 125 lumens per watt, high efficiency helps reduce overall energy consumption while delivering a comfortable quantity and quality of light. CCT available in 3500k,4000k, 5000k DLC CCT options and 0-10V dimming, which is perfect for new construction applications or retrofitting existing fluorescent troffer fixtures with recessed installation, 120-347 V input power also meet Canadian market, 2x2 2x4 1x4 size options, Standard Lifetime designed to L70 minimum 50,000 hours. The indirect reflector is precision formed and contoured to provide soft, indirect illumination. Our dimmable troffers are covered by our unrivaled 5-Year Unlimited Warranty as well. 

OKT troffer also offers an alternative to traditional general area lighting with contemporary European style. The fixture's blend of direct and indirect lighting creates an atmosphere of enhanced visual comfort.

led troffer fixture

About installation,application, and warranty

Retrofit installation is a breeze with these low-profile troffers. An LED troffer can easily replace any existing same size fluorescent panel light. Widely used in open office areas, public indoor spaces, libraries and waiting rooms.

OKT lighting has been working with commercial led lighting for 10 years, our professional R&D team will continue to provide after-sales support service, 5 years limited warranty helps reduce operating cost of maintenance.

Besides,You don’t have to worry about your electrician not professional enough to install our products, specific installation instruction and videos will be provided for your reference.