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New Changes of DLC Technical Requirement Draft Table V3.0

New Changes of DLC Technical Requirement Draft Table V3.0


On March 24, 2015, DLC distributed new changes to the requirements of the Technical Requirements Draft Table V3.0.
DLC released the Technical Requirements Draft Table V3.0.at June 24th and will mandatory replace of V2.1 version at August 25th. DLC allows 270days transition for the current product models which are listed in the QPL. After 2016. May 25th all the products which can’t meet V3.0 will be deleted.

For the Draft Table V3.0, there are 5 points which deserve attention:

Change 1

All the categories were divided into "Standard" level and "Premium" level.
For "Standard" level , the light output, efficiency, L70 and warranty requirements similar to existing Table V2.1. 
For "Premium" level, the light output, efficiency, and warranty requirements raise higher, and demand L90
36000 hours.

Change 2

Combined the outdoor luminaires and outdoor retrofit kit as two broad categories, and grouped into three categories based on the light output (low, mid, and high) with different minimum efficiency. 

Change 3

Combined the indoor luminaires and indoor retrofit kit as two broad categories, and standarded the light output requirement. 

Change 4

Add "Specialty" subcategory into luminaires, no requirement for efficacy but can not qualified as "Premium" level. 

Change 5

Manufactures need to provide specification of power supply/driver, must indicating the location of Tc and measured maximum case temperature, and provide the driver ISTMT report.
The luminaires passes the driver ISTMT requirements if the measured temperature at the TMP is less than or equal to the allowable operating temperature specified by the power supply manufacturer. 

DLC V3.0 brings big effect to not onlyUSmarket but also give a complete reference system to global led lighting industry. It involves different angles and levels of products, marketing, supervision system etc.