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New Generation of OKT LED Panel

New Generation of OKT LED Panel


OKT innovative LED panel, which are with internal driver, will come into market soon.

1. We will provide 7 years warranty for this New LED Panel, Generally speaking, most of manufacturer only provide 5years warranty. Not only we have the best after sales service but also professional& strong R&D team who can always develop high quality and amazing products. This is reason why OKT Lighting can promise 7 years warranty.

2. Better heat dissipation with use of internal driver.

3. We proved 0-10v dimming and step dimming function.

4. To save the shipping cost, which are very expensive to USA. Unit shipment cost is cost down because we can load about 3200pcs of 2x2ft panel with 1pcs 40 High container.

To be the most professional and unique LED Manufacturer is our customers will be pround of cooperating with OKT and promoting this genius product. 

OKT Lighting will keep delivering economic and energy saving led light fixture for valuable customers all over the world.