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A Special Birthday Party for OKT Members

A Special Birthday Party for OKT Members


What touched you the most last year? I suppose that you can recall many unforgettable moments about the laughs and the tears.

Yesterday, OKT lighting held a special party for 45 employees whose birthday is between July and September 30th. The employees received dolls, clothes and tea as gifts, and made wishes and shared cakes together. 

When being asked that question, some of them said:” The sales challenge in this September impressed me the most. When we fought together for the unbelievable goals, I found how important a member I was to this big family.” 

Others said:” Although we joined OKT just several months ago, we have already participated in so many activities, such as interesting sports meeting, travelling, sales challenge,etc. I was moved a lot when an accident happened to Uncle Lai and we helped him get thought it. We not only work here, but also live here. Here our lives are warm and reliable.”