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OKT Achieved Great Success in 2015 HK Lighting Fair Autumn Edition

OKT Achieved Great Success in 2015 HK Lighting Fair Autumn Edition


27th-30th Oct 2015,OKT Lighting attended the HK International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition at HK Convention Center.In order to show more new products to the buys from all over the world, OKT applied 2 booth:one is in 3D-C16, another one is in 5E-A08.

The booth 3D-C16 mainly displayed OKT brand new panel series: 2x2 & 2x4 internal driver panel,1x4ft transparent up/down panel,4ft & 6ft x 4inch linear panel,all these artistic products attracted large amounts of North America market buyers' eyes especially the internal driver and transparent panel,because only OKT have these design in the whole exibition.

In another booth 5E-A08, OKT mainly displayed UL emergency backup,2x2 & 2x4 troffers and 4" surface mounted retrofit downlight.Even though this booth is smaller than 3D-C16,but the brightness 2x2/2x4 troffers & 4" surface mounted downlight also got most clients' interesting.

As a pioneer only focus on North America market, OKT understands the quality of our products and services impacts your work and that is why we are committed to providing creative products that are high-quality, durable and efficient while helping to respond to meet growing global demand,keep your eye on us,we will bring more brilliant products to light your life!


 2015 HK Lighting Fair Autumn Edition