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OKT Air Flat Surface Mounted Panel

OKT Air Flat Surface Mounted Panel


OKT innovative LED Flat panel, which is only 0.67”, saving your shipping cost, so it get good feedback from market .
As the leader of led for USA market, this is the forth generation version. Keeping developing new product and leading the trend of market are the OKT’s secret of success.

Hereby to share some idea on new innovative Panel.

A. Cost saving

1. Internal driver, means slimmer size, which helps saving shipping cost around $2.00 each. (40'HQ loads 2688pcs 2X2 on pallets)

2. Both Step Dimming & 0-10V dimming. Step dimming saves dimming wiring labor cost and dimmer cost. 10%/50%/100%(three step)

3. Easy installation for Surface Mount reduces the labor cost.

4. Lower stock risk. Integrated with suspending, recessed, surface mounted function, it helps to avoid high stock, good for cash flow.

B. Quality assurance

1. ETL, DLC, Maximum 7years warranty; DLC3.0 premium version.

2. High quality internal driver is attached to Aluminum frame for better heat dissipation.


C. Outstanding performance

1. No flicker (bipolar PFC)

2. Efficacy above 105lm/W

3. Only 3mm gap between the panel and the dry ceiling for surface mount.

To be the most professional and unique led manufacturer is our persuit. All our clients will be proud of cooperating with OKT and promoting this genius product.

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