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OKT Attend LED SHOW in LA 2016 March 1-3th

OKT Attend LED SHOW in LA 2016 March 1-3th


March 1-3th 2016,OKT will attend LED show in at SANTA CALARA COVENTION CENTER,SANTA CLARA CA.

The Led Show pays tribute to the light industry and with an array of lighting technologies, lighting equipments and accessories, lighting essentials, LED manufacturing services. Light designing services and solutions and other lighting products and services; have been attracting visitors, in large numbers. The event is widely recognized for providing immense opportunities of networking and developing business.

“Strategies in light”The LED SHOW will display new trend of the LED lighting market and OKT as a creative and innovative lighting manufacture in CHINA,will show our latest new products in this show like LED retrofit type troffer ,LED thinnest LED surface mount LED panel light,and LED ballast compatible downlights in the booth NO.1035.

Welcome to join us for the new trend of LED lighting market in USA at the show!
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