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OKT Ballast Compatible Downlight

OKT Ballast Compatible Downlight


OKT has released new downlight which can compatible with ballast .

As the first manufacturer of LED Downlight in US market. We always develop new downlights to US market. There are 50 models of downlights with UL&ES listed. , we have strong R&D team to design and Keeping update new products to US market. This is OKT’s secret of sucess.
Not only residential downlight but also Commercial downlight have ballast compatible version from 4inch to 10inch. And power from 9W to 40w. I think we are the first ballast compatible downlight manufacturer in China again what has this idea. This is our the fourth generation downlight version, it has more advantage than normal downlight .

As we know, the labor cost is very expensive in USA, so you can save more money for it. It’s easy to install it and save more time than before for installation.

To be the most professional and unique downlight manufacturer is our persuit. All our clients will be proud of cooperating with OKT and promoting this genius product.