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OKT LED Troffer Retrofit in The North American Market

OKT LED Troffer Retrofit in The North American Market

OKT Lighting have been shipped to more than thousand of locations throughout North America since its launched. Due to its easy installation, attractive design and reliable performance, the OKT Lighting led troffer is an ideal upgrade product for public sector entities seeking to replace energy-consuming fluorescent troffer fixtures with high efficiency LED light sources.

One of OKT client Mr.Hudson, stated, “We are very pleased to work with OKT Lighting , which has full range led troffer and professional products for North American market. This means that our indoor lighting projects can receive all of the energy savings and superior lighting to retrofit and quality without the requirement of any additional government funding that would limit the hospital’s ability to serve its patients. We have been delighted with the lighting quality, which represents a substantial improvement over the fluorescent tubes that we had previously installed.”

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