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OKT Lighting Had A Great Ending in Light Fair 2015

OKT Lighting Had A Great Ending in Light Fair 2015


2015 Light Fair International witnesses OKT Lighting a marvelous progress and achievement during May 5-7, at the Javits Center in New Your City.


OKT Lighting items are highlighting at the show all the time, this time with the release of a series of new researched item, OKT Lighting ballast compatible led commercial downlight & residential led downlight, led gimbal downlight and up/down led luminaire fixture catch many atttention. Many old and new customer stop by Booth#3814 for a demonstration and contact our people to know more about OKT Lighting.


Opportunity always comes to who know what people need most! OKT Lighting is that lucky one!

As we always have a local study and research to make amazing product that US people and market really want. After this fair, OKT Lighting will keep on releasing more new items seasonly to help more and more customers win a huge market.


Pls kindly keep following OKT Lighting’s latest news, here are more surprising waiting for you!