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OKT Lighting Had Applied for The UPC CODE on December 6th Successfully

OKT Lighting Had Applied for The UPC CODE on December 6th Successfully


All led lighting products include LED Retrofit Recessed Downlight, LED Flat Panel LightT8 LED Light Tube, which from OKT Lighting will print the UPC code on the box from 2014.

But what is the UPC Code?
The full name of UPC is Universal Product Code, that have 12 digit UPC codes, Only client specified exported to North America and the need to apply for the code. The UPC code is established by the unified code commission UCC commodity bar code. It is first appeared in the world and the application of commodity barcodes, which are widely used in North America. UPC codes have 5 kinds of version, the commonly used commodity code included UPS-A and UPS-E. The former is the UPC general commodity bar code, while the latter is the UPC-A compressed version. At first, UPC barcode is used to help create a grocery store to speed up the checkout process to better tracking inventory, but for its application is very successful, so the system soon spread to all the other retail goods.

UPC code, which possesses uniqueness, contains the origin of goods, transport, shortage, inspection and other information. It is also the firewall to prevent counterfeit goods and protect consumers’ rights and interests.

What are the advantages of using UPC code?
1. Can make us to quickly master the sales information and understand the best-selling products, thus increase profit opportunities;
2. Settlement more quickly and accurately, provide a better service for consumers;

UPC Code