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OKT Has Imported A Semi-Automatic Assembly Line for LED Flat Panel

OKT Has Imported A Semi-Automatic Assembly Line for LED Flat Panel


Combining intelligent innovation with supreme service has seen OKT Lighting achieve unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. Key to their success is the company-wide focus on engineering rather than pure ‘sales.’ Every client relationship is a project, one that the team is always determined to see through to a successful conclusion.
With 98% of clients declaring themselves ‘extremely likely’ or ‘likely’ to use OKT Lighting again, and 99% saying they would recommend the company to others, the company’s tight focus on solid delivery is clearly paying dividends.
In order to upgrade the service level to customers and expand our production capacity, especially on LED Flat panels, OKT has imported a semi-automatic assembly line for led panel production this month.
This machine operated by just 8 workers, it can properly replace mankind operators for panel production from assembly to aging lines. Now our engineers are doing run test for this amazing machine, assembling of 2x2ft, 2x4ft and 1x4ft panels are in work scope of it. It can help us to increase production capacity up to 50,000units of LED panels per month, nearly 3 times than previous lines. Hundred percent fulfill requirement of increasing orders in next quarter and next year.
semi-automatic assembly line for LED flat panel

 semi-automatic assembly line for LED flat panel1