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OKT lighting have completed DLC test for linear led panel 2ftx2ft and 2ftx4ft

OKT lighting have completed DLC test for linear led panel 2ftx2ft and 2ftx4ft

At the middle of October, we have completed the DLC test for our led linear panel light fixtures, including 2ftx2ft troffers and 2ftx4ft troffers. Below are brief specs of both led panels:

Model LED chip Power Lumens(lm) CRI Warranty Size(mm)
VS22-DIM LM80 qualified 44W 3000-3200 Ra>83 5 years 602*602*13
VS24-DIM LM80 qualified 58W 4000-4300 Ra>83 5 years 1212*602*13

DLC reports for OKT lighting led linear panels coverage:

Item Wattage LM80 LM79 ISTMT
VS22-DIM 44W yes yes yes
VS24-DIM 58W yes yes yes

Currently, some of our customers in USA and Canada are discussing with us for multiple list once we get DLC rating for our led linear panels. We write this article to let more led panel light distributor and reseller to know the advantage of our light panel products and the benefit of DLC rating.

1. What is the DesignLights™ Qualified Products List (DLC QPL)?

A bi-national list of qualified products that meet the specifications and provide the necessary information for energy efficiency program administrators to use internally to determine whether the LED fixture qualifies for possible incentives.
The purposes for developing this Qualified Products List was to push high quality energy efficient LED product on the market. Its categories focus on those product types not currently covered by ENERGY STAR. If and when ENERGY STAR chooses to cover a category that is already covered by DLC, DLC will start to phase out the product category.

2. What is the Benefit of Having A Fixture on the QPL?

For the manufacturer the benefit is having your fixture available for consideration for customer incentives from utility programs in the Northeast, Mid-west, Northwest, Texas and California. The main benefit here is that you need to submit the necessary data only once for programs located throughout DLC member territories.
For utility program administrators, having your fixture listed on the QPL decreases the time needed for reviewing manufacturer's data individually and assures them that your LED fixture is a quality product that will perform over its rated life.
For customers, having your fixture listed indirectly protects them from disappointment. Products that have passed proper testing are more likely to perform over their rated lives, as customers expect. And if you use DLC approved products, that will be easy to get the rebates from local power company as well as energy star rating!
And we have designed the junction box for our panels, that leads our panels have fire rated function. Here are some pictures:

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