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OKT Lighting - High Voltage and Low Voltage LED UL Emergency Backup

OKT Lighting - High Voltage and Low Voltage LED UL Emergency Backup


UL Emergency backup it’s a new products for Chinese supplier, OKT lighting is the first one to involve this products. Feedback is well, and many showed interesting on it. But one question on it, how to install it?

First let us have a general idea on OKT’s emergency backup. It adopt recyclable Ni-Cad battery.

There have two series(EH and EL) :

1. High voltage type: 18W(EH18170) and 25W(EH25170), output voltage DC170V(equal to AC120V). That means it’s suitable for internal driver fixture, and this fixture need to be working under AC120V. The design standards based on USA rules, 90minutes at least, such as led tube. For example, 18w LED internal driver tube, if you adopt 18W emergency backup, then it can work 90minutes at least at 100% brightness.

2. Low voltage type: 8W(EL0848), 12W(EL1248), 25W(EL2548), output voltage from 12V to 48V, suitable for the external driver light, and you can choose the wattage as the brightness you want. It can work with many lights, such as led downlight, panel light, troffer light, etc. just as the high voltage type, the working time is 90minutes at least. Such as 40W OKT troffer light, you can adopt 12W emergency backup, then it can work 90min on 30% brightness.

Then we know the application on the emergency backup.

Second, step into installation process. To show customers how to install the emergency backup with led lights, besides installation sheet, OKT offers installation video based on our products(Panel light, downlight, LED T8 tube). For the details of the video you can click on https://www.youtube.com/user/OKTLighting to find relevant vide.