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OKT Lighting Launched 2x2ft and 2x4ft LED Troffer

OKT Lighting Launched 2x2ft and 2x4ft LED Troffer


Advanced lighting, front and back, as an only focus USA market supplier OKT Lighting always keep innovative concept, develop new products to meet more customers’ requirement. OKT Lighting released 2x2ft and 2x4ft LED Troffer to replace traditional grille ceiling fixture.

Grille Ceiling Fixture Compare With LED Troffer:


Led Troffer light, the economic version of panel which change the traditional grille ceiling appearance, increase the visual aesthetic feeling, meanwhile, provide more options for customers.

What’s more?

1. OKT 2x2ft and 2x4ft LED Troffer are listed by cULus and DLC.

2. Adopted Meanwell driver, use PC reflector film, 0-10V dimmable.

3. Widely applicable to various fields, like Hotel, residential light, office lighting etc.

4. 5 years warranty for all troffer, high brightness and easy installation.

OKT is an experienced, dynamic, energetic and proactive enterprise. From the four corners of our plant, our team members hold the same core and beliefs. And OKT will continue effort to develop new products, Focus on USA market, focus on OKT Lighting.