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OKT Lighting Launches Zeta Slim LED Linear Lighting Fixture

OKT Lighting Launches Zeta Slim LED Linear Lighting Fixture


OKT Lighting Zeta slim led linear light with direct, indirect, or direct/indirect distribution. An architecturally appealing narrow linear cable hung LED light only 1.3” wide.

led linear pendant light

OKT Lighting offers a selection of professional lenses such as diffuser, louver, micro reflector and convex, each of these lenses challenges the critical glare rating and elevate our entire architectural product line to a higher standard. Available in 2-foot, 4-foot and 8-foot lengths that can be suspended, surface or wall-mounted. 

linear lighting fixture

Zeta series is a high performance LED Linear fixture that can be independently hung, linked end-to-end or flexibility in layouts with  different shapes and patterns to suit any lighting application, we offers connectors in X, I, L and T orientations to allow for the greatest number of unique formations that provide a continuous lumen output. The only design limitation is your imagination.

Linear office lighting

OKT’s Zeta slim linear is ideal for showroom and product displays, retail stores, office, for museums, galleries, antique stores. 

suspended linear led lighting

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