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OKT Lighting - LED Commercial lighting leader in North American market

OKT Lighting - LED Commercial lighting leader in North American market


LED Lighting Market in North America is growing nowadays, a survey has been reported based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from led industry experts. It has been covered the market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years.

The increasing adoption of LED SMD & COB is one key trend in led lighting market. With the growing number of LED SMD & COB applications in led commercial lighting, office lighting, led residential retrofit lighting, and industrial lighting, LED manufacturers are now focusing on better strategies to tap the untapped potential of the LED market. What’s more, the use of LED SMD & COB for commercial, industrial, and residential applications is expected to expand rapidly during the forecast period. 

Based on this survey, the adoption of ENERGY STAR certifications is one of the major drivers of the led market. ENERGY STAR certification is a government-backed program introduced to promote the usage of energy-efficient lighting solutions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. OKT Lighting is committed to utilize this opportunity capture the market with its advantages of ENERGY STAR. She has been released more than 50 models of recessed led downlights with ENERGY STAR certifications, including residential and commercial downlight in the past years.

Further, the survey states that the high cost of raw materials is one of the major challenges in the market. OKT lighting also has paid attention to this issue. In order to provide a competitive prices for our valuable clients, OKT have been coordinated with his suppliers on cost of material and spare no effort to keep harmonious relations with all chain suppliers. By doing this, OKT will win the customers with attractive prices and high quality products in led commercial lighting fields and become a strong leader in North American market.