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OKT Lighting-Up and Down Glass Flat Panel Launched!

OKT Lighting-Up and Down Glass Flat Panel Launched!


OKT Lighting which is famous for it’s creative spirits for the innovative and amazing LED products, like traic dimmable, 0-10v dimmable architectural led downlights from 4inch to 10inch, ballast compatiable led downlights, 347v led troffer, motion sensor led panel and so on, now the fantastic Up and Down glass falt panel finnally launched.

This glass flat panel with beatiful shape, concise design, 45% light up and 55% light down, which helps her enjoy a lot of attentions, some of our NY City customers likes it very much. As to materials, we adopt high quality aluminum alloy which makes the lamp body slender and thinner. The optical device is made of high quality imported high precision optical PMMA classified processing molding, that’s the reason why the perfomace also outstanding as appearance. This affinity glass flat panel is suitable for small and independent offiice or open office and so on.

It’s no doubt that the perfect decorative effect makes the consistency and interior decoration space happen!

In that condition, the office atmosphere makes all office staff’s dream come true!