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OKT Lighting Will Attend Lighting Fair International in New York

OKT Lighting Will Attend Lighting Fair International in New York


As the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference, LFI blends continuing education courses with innovative products ranging from high-end design to cutting-edge technology.


OKT’s president Allan and manager Anny and Cher, engineer Gavin will come to the Lighting Fair.


Allan and Gavin will do a research at the development tendency of led in North American during the lighting fair time the later trip after lighting fair. OKT Lighting always pay much attention to the market research and be the front in North American indoor lighting market. All our led lights are designed by ourselves. Even we are the first one who can provide UL listed commercial downlight and emergency backup.


Anny and Cher will be at one of our customers’ booth, #3814. Welcome you come there to meet them. At the booth we will show residential downlights 4inch and 6inch, commercial downlights from 4inch to 6inch, 8inch and 10inch, led panel light, led troffer and emergency backup. Of which 5~6inch Eco retrofit downlight, 4inch eco downlight, 4inch gimbal downlight are our new products. Hope you can stop by and have a look.