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OKT New UL 1’x 4’ Suspended Up & down Panel

OKT New UL 1’x 4’ Suspended Up & down Panel


OKT have new products release soon. This time it is up&down panel, since it distribute 55% light up, distribute 45% light down.

The 1’ x 4’ Lumination is a commercial pendant lighting fixture utilizing an advanced LED optical system to achieve superior performance.

It has amazing design allows for a nearly transparent luminaire when off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when on.

The unique design incorporates a clear transition zone between the frame and light emitting portion of the fixture, making the illusion of the light floating in mid-air.

The ultra-thin profile and improved lumen maintenance of >80% of initial lumens at 50,000 hours of operation, allows for each of installation and lower maintenance costs over time.

It is suitable for indoor general lighting.

OKT Lighting will get it UL listed and release them in next three months, Now OKT accept pre-sale for sample, please be free contact sales@okt-led.com