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OKT Organized A Basketball Game Last Week

OKT Organized A Basketball Game Last Week

On last Saturday,OKT and driver supplier organized a basketball game.

At the beginning of the game,both teams were enter the state quickly,the court launched a round of pitching,pitching motion neat,fierce competition for both teams. Meanwhile cheerleaders cheer, the stadium atmosphere was very active. Athletes have taken in good cooperation and progressive team, will fight every minute, so that the two sides tie the score several times, make the viewers very excited. Especially the three-point shot, defensive rebound, and jump ball overall the atmosphere leading to the climax and white -hot stage.At the second half,JUSIN Team win the game finally.

The competition is mainly to enhance mutual contact and friendship between the supplier and OKT.And you'll see we will have more and more interesting activities in future to enrich our employees leisure life!