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OKT Retrofit Type LED Troffer Will Be Releasled

OKT Retrofit Type LED Troffer Will Be Releasled


As US LED retrofit marketing grow so quickly this year, the LED troffer and panel light keep on being popular in US market, OKT LIGHTING is starting the process of developing a new type of led retrofit troffer which can be installed within few minutes and no need remove the existing tradition troffer, saving Labor cost for customers.

This retrofit kit is is the ideal solution for retrofitting 2x4 and 2x4 Linear Fluorescent Troffers. Also it will be certified by cETLus and DLC for rebate being available soon.

This retrofit LED troffer replaces traditional fluorescent troffers in lay-in or T-grid ceilings in a variety of commercial and institutional applications, including offices, lobbies, hallways and conference rooms in schools, municipalities, libraries, airports, healthcare facilities, showrooms, corporate campuses, retailers and hospitality environments.