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OKT Sport Games at June 5th,2015

OKT Sport Games at June 5th,2015


As a fast developing company, OKT’s led downlight, led panel light, led troffer, emergency backup has get a good reputation in American market. For customers OKT is a trustworthy supplier. For the staff OKT is a family.

To reinforce our family culture OKT held the first sport games at June 5th,2015.

At the 2:00 pm our president Tom and Allan delivered opening speech. Then the judges swore. After that all the staff went the playground begun the games. In the next 2 hours we finished 3 games:

First: sack race. All the player were put into a sack. A man and a woman were a team. The team who first arrive at the finishing line were winner. Some player jumped like a kangaroo, some moved like penguin. Very cute! At last the Lawson and Ding’s team get the champion.

Second:balloon blowing. A team have 3 members. 1 player blowed the ballon, the second one fasten it and the third one put it to the box and protect it not blow away. Time was 3 minutes and the team who had most ballons in the box was champion. After finished the game the first player in the teams feel some lack of oxygen. We need more exercise in the future.Haha…

Third: Clamping ball relay. 3 player a team. The first player need clamp the ball with their legs without any help of hands, then move to the second player. The second player did the same thing to the third one. Very interesting games! Some player succeeded once. Some players dropped his ball during the way to the next player then he had to go back and start again. The funny position took many laugh to the audience.

In the next 2 weeks there are table tennis, badminton and snooker games. We expect more and more wonderful games. And our staff will be more and more united after these games.

OKT Lighting is our family! OKT will be better tomorrow!