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OKT UP/Down Linear Panels,Low UGR LED Fixtures, Healthy Lighting Fixtures!

OKT UP/Down Linear Panels,Low UGR LED Fixtures, Healthy Lighting Fixtures!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in a room for no apparent reason? Do you become tire quickly at work?

Do you know all of these may be just caused by glare?

Do you know our eyes are slowly aging, and long-term glare accelerates its speed?

What is UGR value?

UGR value is the index of glare, which can measure the extent of eye’s discomfort when indoor lighting fixtures work. The lower UGR value is, the more comfortable you feel. The lower UGR value is, the better it is for your health!

UGR value range from 10-13-16-19-22-25-28. Generally speaking,The UGR value of good lighting fixtures are required less than 19.

dual emission linear panel light

OKT UP/Down Linear Panels are such fixtures of health lighting!

The the DP series (OKT Double-Sided Emission Linear Panels) are dimmable . However, their UGR values are still less than 19 even under the highest brightness.  

DP series dual emission translucent linear panel lighting are architectural lighting solutions,  NOT for decoration! Although they have concise and modern appearance suitable for decoration applications, they are more often used in architectural lighting! They have remarkable advantages.

UGR <19, You won’t easily feel tired after a long time of work.

Unique design, It's nearly transparent when off and create a harmonious atmosphere when on,  with 55% Downlight and 45% Uplight distribution.

Seamless connection, It is not only makes the application scenario concise and elegant, but also reduces the installation time and materials of cables which lead to power supplies.

Only ONE  main cable connects to the power supplies! Don’t need to connect each lamp one by one into the power supplies!

Driver can be replaced, easy to maintain! ...