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OKT Website Updates

OKT Website Updates


Judged by our products features, we have been updating our website for last month, with the purpose of presenting more professional image and offering a more operative website for customers.

At the home page, we changed into three main columns as LED Retrofit Downlight, LED Fixture and LED Accessary, by the reason that our main products are residential downlight, commercial downlight, LED panel light and LED troffer. In this way, main categories are very visible and impressive to visitors at the first sight of browsing the website.

The second change is the subdivisions of each product line. For residential downlight, it can be divided into regular retrofit, gimbal, surface mounted and ballast compatible to be released. And it gives a clear image of our residential can light ranges and the professionalism of the product extent, which is crucial to big whole-sellers and importers. Also as to LED troffer, we have different options which listed on the navigation menu as regular 0-10V dimmable, microwave sensor and emergency batterbackup. Special accessories to our LED products are showed in an individual column including LED emergency backup, surface mounted kit and hang kit.

Any comments on the changes would be appreciated and considered in next revise.

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