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OKT Will Gain Greater Success in US Market in 2015

OKT Will Gain Greater Success in US Market in 2015


The 21st century will be lighted by LED, if we said the 20st century by Halogen. The three sciectists from Japan win the Nobel prize in October 2014 for their invention of the blue LED. LED Lighting will face a beautiful and flourishing development soon. Same as
OKT Lighting, who also will become more and more powerful and gain greater success in US market in 2015. 
The GDP of America increase by 2.6% in 2014, and expect 3.3% in 2015. This is a very import and positive sign for LED manufacturers like OKT who focus on USA market. We are glad to share some idea with you.

Firstly, with 5years experience, OKT enter into US market more than 3years and acquire much popularity there. Especially for recessed led retrofit downlight, many famous US local company work with us now. With the desire to be No.1 downlight manufacturer, many new design and products are coming into market.

Secondly, we not only enrich our led retrofit downlight options, but also make them more competive by improving their cost performance. Till now, there are more than 50 led recessed  downlights with Energy Star and UL. For example, OKT is the first one making commercial led downlight and the current version is the third generation. We are proud of being the Downlight leader in among thousands of China factories.

Third, innovative marketing promotion will help OKT to grow faster. Differ from other competitors; we are trying to find a special way to attract clients and share more market. Spend much time and money to invite a design company to make website more professional, beautiful and scientific. Attend LED Show in HK, USA every year. Run advertisement on Alibaba, GMC, LED Magzine and so on.

Under the LED booming growth and great efforts, we OKT should win more market and set a successful sample for others in 2015.

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