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OKT’s Commercial downlight

OKT’s Commercial downlight


As a professional led lighting manufacturer focus only on North American market OKT Lighting is the first China supplier to offer commercial downlight, since the end of 2012. It’s starting from our market research and the chatting with many USA customers. In the first year, few people knowing it and want to have a try on it. After years efforts, Commercial (Architectural) downlight was accepted by many customers. There will be many competition when there is such buying requirements. Now more and more came into Commercial downlight business, and parts of them keep 90%-100% with OKT on the appearance and data sheets, etc.

What’s the advantage of the first supplier?

A: widely size range, there have 4inch 6inch 8inch 10inch, total four kinds of size.

B: Power from 14W, 18W, 23W, 27W, 40W, 54W, can replace max 400W MHD.

C: Certification and voltage: all with UL, energy star.  There have 120V, 100-277V, also there have 347V mainly for Canada market

D: LED and driver as the core parts of LED lights, we adopt CREE LED and YG driver.

Besides our products have been strictly tested by the market, it proves it’s with a stable and top quality. Also it have been installed on some of famous building, such as New York metro station, Belk shopping mall in North Carolina. New Jersey Crown plaza hotel, etc. All this finished projects can offer customer a direct test report on it.

Welcome to inquiry on our commercial downlight.


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