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Our Mission is Keeping Innovating

Our Mission is Keeping Innovating

What does a good lighting fixture mean?

“It means we bring more value to our customers. They can enjoy the higher quality life with the lower costs.” said Gavin.
Gavin  has over 15 years of experience in lighting industry and has been with OKT Lighting since 2010, and takes charge of the R&D team.  He and another engineer designed and developed the Split J-box Downlight series, which received high praises from customers within short time after its launch.

What is it about Split Downlights that attract the customers?

> First,  one engine can be compatible with different trims (4”,6” and 8”), which is flexible for its sales and reduce your inventory risk. You also just need to prepare a certain number of engines for maintenance and save storage space and reduce your tied-up capital.
> Second, you can greatly save shipping cost by their  innovative separable design. A container can be filled with as about 2 times quantity of lights as before !  It means you can reduce about half or even more of shipping cost!
> Third, no Cans ! They can be installed with their butterfly clips! So you can save the cost of  housing fixtures for new construction.
How did such a reputable product come out?

Several months ago, Gavin and his R&D team called on a client in Los Angeles, US. He suggested they provide two versions of trims for better sales and controlling the inventory, because some customers preferred the black color while others liked the white.
His words greatly enlightened Gavin. In reality, he also received the feedback of reducing space from other clients, and was considering  about how to upgrade the existing commercial downlight. Finally, he decided to develop a new separable commercial downlight with  J-box  and  without frame or housing.

But it was not long before he met a big problem. What was it ?
The heat.

To minimize the installation costs of customers and suit for different height of ceilings, the heat sink and J-box was integrated as one engine. When testing the sample, he found the engine was too hot. As we all know, high temperature is the Achilles’ heel to electric appliances. How to solve this problem?
He did some experiments and tried again and again. In those days, he and his partner used to work overtime until late night. He changed the materials and added some components. At last, he succeeded. Soon later, the Split Downlight was released.
Gavin said: “We are always on the way of researching and developing.  How to provide more energy-efficient and cost-efficient products to our customers? As a R&D person,  we should always be asking that question.”

That’s also the key value of OKT.