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LED Emergency Driver

No Delays When Power Fails!

LED Emergency Driver For LED Luminaires 

Emergency lighting is code required

Emergency lighting is a vital part of a facility’s life safety program. Local, state and national building codes require reliable and sufficient emergency illumination for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in the United States. When normal power fails for any reason, emergency lighting provides critical illumination. It helps to guide building occupants along the path of egress to the nearest exit.

Why OKT?

OKT LED emergency drivers have been handling any lighting outage since 2013. In 2021, we vertically upgrade our product line to Gen 2, and now Gen 3. These emergency drivers can work with most LED luminaries up to 300W. The 3rd Gen emergency driver is a statement to show our customers OKT's innovation spirit. We made many projects all over in the United State, including office building, shopping mall, school, hospital, hotel, etc. We constantly review our existing product line and apply the most updated technologies to ensure product competitive advantage. Every year, we bring you exciting upgrades!

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