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LED Troffer

LED Troffer

LED Troffer 

Fluorescent troffer vs. LED Troffers Light Fixture

Fluorescent troffer lights are a common source of office lighting.However, fluorescent troffers have a shorter lifespan and higher Lumen depreciation than LED Troffers. As Lumen output decreases, Fluorescent troffer must be replaced to not interfere with worker productivity. It may also suffer from ballast failure.

LED Troffers Light Fixture , last longer than fluorescent fixtures and do not depreciate Lumens as quickly, so they require less maintenance. You can easily find LED troffers that maintain at least 70% of the initial Lumens for years. LEDs also consume less power than other lighting alternatives to help you save money on energy costs. It is ready to upgrade to LED now.

Intro to OKT LED Troffers

Get versatility in size and style with OKT’s LED troffer fixture, Our recessed LED troffers are available in standard 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4 sizes and are offered in a center basket and architectural styles. We also have battery backup troffer and motion sensor troffer that bring functional lighting and safety together. Whatever style and size you choose, oktlighting is sure to provide greater flexibility, brighter light and bigger savings! 

Shopping for a new recessed LED troffer light fixture is simple with oktlighting.com. Please browse below to discover that you can find the perfect fit for your spaces.

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