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linear pendant light fixture


Pendant Linear

OKT Lighting is keeping innovation of highly functional, high-end and distinctive linear pendant lighting. It is striving to create more and more architectural pendant lighting solutions to fit different applications. Today, its’ led linear pendant lighting, which is engineered to take advantage of design flexibility and ease of installation as well as accommodates diverse commercial spaces are born. This series are including:

  • ZETA portfolio, 1.3" slim,1.8" and 2.3”blod options,It offers a selection of professional lenses such as diffuser,louver, micro reflector and convex. Multiple lighting distributions, unleash lighting design flexibility with different shapes and patterns.

  • Vertical linear, It is integrated with ultra-thin semi-transparent vertical optics, can provide smooth direct or indirect distribution, allowing for wider spacing between fixtures and better ceiling light uniformity.

  • UP/down linear, Timeless transparent edge-lit linear that combines our pursuit for discerning design and precise performance, It creates an exceptionally thin profile that appears to float across your ceiling landscape.

  • Rotatable linear, the innovative 270°adjustable angle design makes it more flexible.

  • Ultra slim linear, only 0.39" thickness and 2.99” height, delivering modern lighting performance while matching the desired aesthetic of any interior space.

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