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Are you still using renovated the old 2x2ft and 2x4ft troffers, panels and downlights, that look just like the old fluorescent lighting models in your office,hospital, educational, retail, hotel, airport, hospitality,ect with the t-grid ceiling suspension system. Nowaday, OKT Lighting has innovated new generation green lighting solutions for the ceiling suspension system, that is T-Grid LED Linear Lighting which has obtained US patent(10125934)  in 2018. It is simple and elegant linear lighting fixtures that brings you not just lighting, but offers lighting designers more freedom.

This linear lighting fixture can replace a 2ft or 4ft member of the ceiling suspension system, integrate into T-Grid for suspended ceilings system, allow to be fully and seamlessly integrated or retrofit into standard 15/16" or 9/16” T-Grid of suspended ceiling, making the linear lighting to become a part of the t-grid ceiling assembly. It is not just reducing building materials, labor and waste, but create more elegant and clean atmosphere for your space.

Why Make Separate Design With LED Module And T-Grid Bracket? Our revolutionary to creating led lighting fixtures with one simple concept in mind: how to help our customer to save more and quick install. With this thought in mind, the separate design of t-grid led linear lighting with led module and t-grid bracket is born. The innovative separable design makes linear lighting more flexible for your sale and can reduce inventory. One T-grid bracket allows for seamless integration of multiple led module with different color temperatures or types with easy and tool-free installation, which can lower your inventory risk that you can replace the LED module randomly for your different needs.

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